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A comprehensive O Scale sawmill diorama detailed in SierraWest tradition.
Includes everything you need to complete the ultimate O Scale logging empire.
Incorporating existing SierraWest kits and details with new and exciting projects.
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O Scale Craftsman Kits
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Kit No. 300
Mill Engine & Boiler House
Released June 2004


Kit No. 301
Logging & Tractor Repair Shed
Released May 2008

Kit No. 304
the BlueSky Company

Released May 2011
Now Available


Kit No. 303
Deer Creek Rigging Shed
Released September 2009
Now Available

Kit No. 302
Deer Creek Tool Shed
Released April 2009

Now Available

Kit No. 305
Deer Creek Wood Cutters Shack
Released January 2011
Now Available



Kit No. 307
Lineside Storage Shed
Released September 2012

Kit No. 306
railroad camp
the office and warehouse
Relesed August 2011
Now Available


Kit No. 308
O Scale Sawmill Project
Released April 2014
Very Limited Production


O/On3/On30 Scale Castings, Detail Parts, Sets, Tools, etc...
Individual Castings, Detail Parts, Logging Tools, Hand Tools, Detailing Sets,
Scratchbuilding Parts, Car Frames, etc...

Limited Availability



Individual Detail Parts
Resin and White Metal

available seasonally
Currently Not Available

Logging Tools, Shaft Line Hardware
Resin and White Metal

available now
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O Scale Classics formerly CHB Models
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As I work on re-releasing the extensive CHB Models line, SierraWest is committed
to maintaining the quality you have come to expect over the years. Many of you are just
discovering the mastery of Charles H. Brommer (CHB Models) and his wonderful O Scale
castings and kits. It was primarily the kits of CHB Models that was responsible for my personal
modeling switch from HOn3 to On3 and I am so pleased to be able to offer these wonderful kits
once again! In order to maintain the highest possible quality, most castings are made using
first generation molds. That means the parts included in the kits are cast directly
from the original brass masters. This is very unusual and takes extra time, but well worth it!
I know Charlie would be pleased...

Mack Trucks
O Scale Sawmill  
  Dolbeer Kits        
WP Sawmill Machinery
Hardware Series
Now Available
Dolbeer Logging Engine

Now Available

Boilers and Mill Engines
Boilers and Mill Engines
Hardware Kits
Now Available
Machine Shop Series MT
Hardware Kits
Now Available


Rolling Stock
Our very popular backwoods log train series and disconnects
Suitable for On3 or On30
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Blacksmith Car





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