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All kits are crafted by me in small batches with limited availability.
I use the same care in manufacturing that you put into assembly.

The O Scale Sawmill Project is available in very Limited Quantities

due to the complexity of producing this kit please allow extra handling time

the award winning
Deer Creek O Scale Sawmill Project

Pilot Model Constructed by Karl Allison and Brett Gallant

All photographs copyright Brett Gallant and may not be used without permission

The story...
Back in early 2004 Boone Morrison and I were discussing the possibilities of producing a kit
based upon Sturgeons' since the O scale sawmill equipment I produce so closely
resembles that from the prototype. Not to mention it is the perfect design for a model!
Well as with many projects it got shelved... Then in the spring of 2007 the Finescale
Railroader Logging and Mining Annual showed up with an article by my buddy
Marty Jones. It featured his sawmill constructed using Boone's plans and my sawmill
machinery kits. That re-ignited the spark to produce this kit.


A backwoods O scale sawmill based upon the plans drawn
by Boone Morrison of the Sturgeons' Sawmill located in Sebastopol, California.
Suitable for a wide date range from the late 1800's to the 1940's and even beyond!
This project would not be possible without help from my friends
Karl Allison, Doug Ramos, and Marty Jones.
This kit is a huge undertaking and will be available in very limited quantities.

The Sawmill diorama as pictured occupies an area about 19" x 30"



Now take a 360 degree tour in the brilliant afternoon sunlight...

Let's start with the log unloading area, platform, and elevated sawdust bin. The unloading platform was modeled after a photograph of Sturgeons' circa 1920. Sturgeon's has been around along time and there is a lot of information and photographs available online. I am so pleased how I was able to blend different era's into the final diorama using Boone's plans and the extra information from the internet.

SierraWest kits are so much more than a structure and a handful of details. The diorama creation is paramount in the development of each new kit. Instructions are provided leading you through every phase of construction including tool selection, assembly, weathering and aging, diorama composition, and scenery application. When you view the pictures of the sawmill diorama remember this. SierraWest kits are unique in the level and amount of detail provided. Since all four sides are fully detailed, you have a ton of flexibility in placement and viewability.


The "business" end of the mill. Logs are stored on the rollway waiting their turn to take a trip on the carriage. The pier and beam sub-floor of the mill is constructed in layers (as is the whole structure) making the assembly easy. I love the heavy timbers and large iron nbw castings supporting the carriage drive and stop. This scene is so interesting with all of the discarded slab.

My famous comprehensive manual and digitally reproduced accurate templates guide you thoughtfully along the construction process. I consider myself a teacher in addition to being a manufacturer. My manual provides guidance and confidence building techniques allowing you to reproduce the results pictured here. I am so proud of the number of customers who have won major national awards with the SierraWest kits they have constructed, following the provided instructions!


The Mill Engine and Horizontal Boiler housing dominates the rear of the mill diorama. One aspect of the sawmill diorama that is so compelling is that every angle, corner, and view tells an important, prototypical story about logging and sawmill operations in North America. The cement foundations are resin castings and are loaded with detail and character. All of the various piping, belts, and walkways intermingled with the natural junk and clutter create an incredible scene. It is realistic detailing like this that makes modeling so interesting and keeps me active in the hobby. I find that creating scenes and telling stories is paramount in importance if I am to model a scene that viewers are interested in. When an entire layout is created with this philosophy then the true magic of modeling emerges and a storyteller is born! The sawmill diorama is one natural focal point for any logging layout wanting to embrace this philosophy.


The lumber sorting platform and office are very busy scenes. The office end of the mill is loaded with details and clutter. The old wooden desk, bookshelves, metal locker, and rolling repair cart create the perfect atmosphere. The sawmill diorama is a busy operation and includes stacks of cut, sorted, and graded lumber ready to ship out.

I am always pushing myself to set new standards, create new construction techniques, and improve and refine weathering and scenery methods. All this in addition to designing, creating, and manufacturing better castings, along with writing more precise manuals and templates... well you get the idea!


I think my favorite scene on the diorama is the storage area with the belt and shaft wheel rack. This uncompromising level of detail is just one aspect of kit manufacturing that SierraWest has been known for since my first kit release way back in 1994. The " No Credit" sign was seen in many prototype photographs of Sturgeons' and just begged to be included in the kit. The storage area includes an outside portion with steps leading to an interior room filled with wooden crates, cardboard boxes, and shelving. Next up is the maintenance shed.


The front loading dock and maintenance shed completes our 360 degree tour. The maintenance shed is constructed from reclaimed barn wood and is weathered differently than the other wood used to construct the mill. I love the variation in texture and color. It tells a story and aids in the creation of a prototypical scene. The manual focuses on creating believable scenes using weathering and finishing techniques that are time tested, proven, and easy to master. Readily available materials no matter where you live are utilized in all phases of construction.


The O Scale sawmill has been released in two parts
You must have both parts to complete the sawmill as pictured!
If you have any questions call Brett at 972-618-5563


Part 1: The sawmill machinery, mill engine, and boiler
Special Set and pricing Sold ONLY to accompany the Sawmill Kit 308

Sawmill Machinery + Mill Engine + Boiler
The following sawmill machinery kits are included:
Double-Blade Circular Saw Husk, Carriage, Carriage Drive and Sawdust Blower,
Log Turner, Live Rolls, Dead Rolls, Cut-Off Saw, Log Deck, and Edger.
This set also includes the Double Cylinder Mill Engine and Stationary Horizontal Boiler
Plus an enhanced construction manual
and a line shaft kit.
for $429.00 each plus shipping



Part 2: O Scale Sawmill Kit Number 308
Includes everything pictured except the sawmill machinery, mill engine, boiler,
track, and scenery. The sawmill kit 308 includes:
plans/templates, detailed construction manual, castings, junk, clutter, stripwood, etc...
This is the most detailed sawmill ever released. Accurate and meticulously designed following the prototype drawings. Tons of brand new castings create visual interest and fantastic scenes like the office, storage and maintenance sheds, loading dock, and log loading rollway. I spent weeks mastering new detail castings just for the sawmill.
The sawmill is straight forward to construct. Layers of details are built upon one another in an orderly and logical manner. Templates and my famous spiral bound construction manual lead you through each phase of assembly with my usual emphasis on realistic and natural weathering. Laser cut jigs aide in construction. The kit also includes brass wire, styrene, nut - bolt - washer castings, brass chain, a dead rolls extension, lamp shades, tarpapers, color signs, corrugated and ribbed aluminum sheets, and wood doweling.
$485 plus shipping




the O Scale Sawmill Project Unboxing Video





Extend your sawmill diorama with support structures that will be available as follows:
Water Tank, Blacksmith Shop, Saw Filers Shop, Company Offices
, Log Unloader

I also have several kits in the works for the hillside overlooking the millsite...
more details to follow!

Part of the Deer Creek Land and Timber Company
A comprehensive O Scale sawmill diorama detailed in classic SierraWest tradition.
Includes all the structures and details you need to complete the ultimate O Scale logging empire. Incorporating existing SierraWest kits and details with new and exciting projects.
click here for more information


Customers ask me if these kits are difficult to build. The answer is a big NO! 
They also inquire if a new modeler can put them together. Yes they can.
My kits are very well designed and executed with thorough instructions, diagrams,
and tons of large clear photographs presented in a beautiful spiral bound manual.
Detailed assembly and weathering instructions are provided so a new modeler can
achieve results they will be very proud of. They are not snap together laser cut kits and take
care and time. A detailed list of suggested supplies including paints and chalks by brand
and color is included to get you going as well.



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