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All kits are crafted by me in small batches with limited availability.
I use the same care in manufacturing that you put into assembly.



O/On3/On30 Original Craftsman Kit Number 305
copyright 2010 Brett Gallant


the O Scale Wood Cutters Shack
the companion structure to the Tool and Rigging Sheds
Exquisite detailing and craftsmanship SierraWest is famous for


$185 each plus shipping
Now Shipping!


The O Scale Wood Cutters Shack includes a beautiful assortment of new details. Casting with unrivaled clarity and sharpness. I take the quality of my castings VERY seriously and create simply the finest detail parts available. This is evident upon cracking the seal and opening the box... A new approach to detailing is unveiled in O Scale - this changes everything! Study the scene... notice how realistic the clutter appears. These castings are created using individual components like cans, wrenches, gears, bottles, etc... Weathered and painted separately then glued in place. This allows you to concentrate on more realistic appearing details with natural variety. Just look at the wonderful character and coloration. This has not been possible before. A true evolution in casting design and production...


Notice how effectively the clutter is integrated into the diorama, not merely placed around or on top. This is achieved by using individual single crates, barrels, junk, and clutter. You create your own details. It is much faster and easier to paint the individual components giving each unique character through dry brushing and chalk weathering. You add your own personality to each piece in the way you glue them together. They can be arranged in ways that a single large casting could never be produced. Leaning and off balance items are more interesting! Extend this new methodology over the entire diorama and you see how this fundamental change in modeling philosophy dramatically improves the level of detail and realism creating wonderful scenes bristling with realistic clutter and character.


This O Scale Wood Cutters Shack is a pretty faithful translation of my classic HO Scale version released back in 1999. Everything pictured is included except track and scenery. The logs and split firewood are simply Douglas Fir tree branches I cut, split and stacked - just like the real thing! (That must be why it looks so realistic.) These branches are not included so you gotta go get your hands dirty and cut your own...
Stripwood, our usual laser cut goodies (windows, mylar, wall frames, jigs, etc...) accurate templates, color signs, license plates, horseshoes, our comprehensive manual, etc... are all included in the box. No skimping, just the highest quality parts made with care along with the best instructions that are loaded with techniques, tips, sources, and photographs so you can achieve award winning results like those pictured here.

Story telling is very important to me and as with all SierraWest kits I dedicate a good portion of the manual to describing the techniques used to create the prototypical scenes. Don't you just love the visual of the figure (included) splitting logs. Note the wedges, ground clutter, shovel in the wheel barrow, and extra axes and sledges. All the focus on individual detailing cumulatively adds up to a great portrayal of early 20th Century life in North American logging. This kind of modeling is rare to find in a kit and is more commonly seen in a scratch - built diorama. I guess that's why SierraWest kits built by my fantastic customers win more awards at major National shows than anybody else...


Now lets remove the six-pole shed and look under the hood. More wonderful details and well thought out scenes are lurking... What a fantastic view with all the empty acetylene tanks and the home - made hoist engine under repair. Looks like one of those fix up projects that might be slipping away from the gents working around the shack however...
but it is a handy place to store the empty tanks! Notice the stock support and crates full of spare parts. Remember, everything pictured is included and are individually cast details.
That's why the scene looks so crisp and realistic.

the O Scale Wood Cutters Shack
O/On3/On30 Original Craftsman Kit Number 305

$185 each plus shipping
Now Shipping!



Details, Details, Details

The detail castings were painted and weathered by my friend Kevin O'Neill.
Kevin might just be the finest casting painter there is...
the proof is pictured right here folks! His methods and techniques are presented
in the construction manual and are an extension of the methods used by SWSM
over the years. Paint and powdered chalk. No magic just quality modeling
and creativity like I have never seen before. makes you want to pick a brush
and paint like Kevin! I would also like to thank Karl Allison and
Nick Ogden for their support, advice, nagging, friendship...

all the details pictured above are included except the tree stumps



One last shot of the Wood Cutters Shack with the Rigging Shed next door.

The Wood Cutters Shack is the companion to the Tool Shed and Rigging Shed.
It completes the scene of the trio of trackside support sheds.




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