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All kits are crafted by me in small batches with limited availability.
I use the same care in manufacturing that you put into assembly.

HO/HOn3 Kit 207 - Logging Camp Essentials

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Logging Camp Essentials
HO Scale quality, detail, and character from the leader in craftsmen kits.


Backwoods Logging from SierraWest returns with our latest beauty including the quintessential logging scene right out of a Kinsey photograph! Folks this kit is so exciting there should be a parental warning label on the box! The kit comes with everything you will need to slip back in time to the days of old as you recreate this old world scene brimming with detail and logging charm!
The Deer Creek Logging Camp series continues with the Essentials including the cookhouse, bunkhouses, shower/latrine car, Passenger Station with a standard/narrow gauge freight transfer, fuel depot, rigging shed, and tool shed.


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Essentials utilizes the latest laser cutting technology all the while relying upon classic scratch building techniques and innovative weathering and scenery methods to achieve the ultimate in realistic modeling and construction. No shortcuts or compromises, just sound modeling, awesome scenery, and the best instructions in the hobby! Our methods, laser cut modeling guides/jigs, and techniques were invented here creating a modeling environment that a new craftsmen will enjoy and a seasoned veteran will find satisfying. Look very closely at the photographs, the rich detail and character is achieved using individual boards glued over laser cut cardboard wall bases. Accurate, fast, and simple to construct, depth and texture are the hallmark of this type of board on board modeling and the techniques and philosophies employed are discussed in detail in the manual.
Logging Camp Essentials features laser cut chipboard wall bases, roofs, and construction guides, quality stripwood, Over 100 of our wonderful detail castings (both resin and white metal, many made just for Essentials), beautiful laser cut windows and doors (no grain!), laser cut window acetate, customs signs, tar papers, our comprehensive spiral bound construction manual, accurate templates, and much, much more!

The Deer Creek Logging Camp includes four separate kits. (See the map below.)
The first is Main Street, the second Essentials, the third is the Loco & Service Shops. The final kit is the Donkey Repair Yard. All four continue the unmatched tradition of my Deer Creek Lumber Company series. The complete logging camp scene includes these kits combined with railroad camp on one end and the forth coming Central Camp on the opposite creating the perfect companion to the Twin Mills Sawmill. A giant mill needs a big camp to keep all of the equipment and loggers well fed and maintained. I have researched and developed a very realistic diorama based upon several different camps. Borrowing the most plausible features from each, siding, window type and placement, door layouts, roofing materials, overall appearance and feel are all based very closely upon prototype. The logging camp was a gritty, dirty place, perfect for the type of realistic weathering and aging I love.

SierraWest kits strive to offer the modeler a unique approach to the craftsmen kit, unlike anything else found in the hobby. With the perfect blend of scratchbuilding construction techniques and laser cut components, we use the laser as a modeling aide, not a replacement for the character and complete realism board on board modeling achieves. A philosophy we will never waver from!

The diorama flooplan presented below illustrates the four kits and how the various structures form the complete Logging Camp scene. Notice railroad camp ties-in to the left and is the "end of the line". A small turntable or series of switches may be used at the modelers discretion to complete the track layout and feed the loco and service shops. (To the right, Central Camp.) The diorama measures approximately 24" x 48" and as is the case with a SierraWest kit, the structures may be rearranged to suit your taste and space requirements.

Everything pictured is included except vehicles, track, and scenery.
Logging Camp Essentials Includes the following structures as follows:
Two different bunk houses, a cook house, and a shower/latrine car. These are situated along a hillside at different heights with walkways connecting them. The quintessential view of a logging camp!
Also included is the classic passenger/freight station, a fuel depot with super detailed yard, tool shed, and a rigging shed that is used to store cables, blocks and other supplies.

Kit Number 206
Logging Camp Main Street
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Kit Number 208
The Loco & Service Shops
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Kit Number 209
The Donkey Repair Yard
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All Kits Include:
New resin and metal castings
Laser Cut templates with many new enhancements and features developed for these kits. These features guide and aide you through all phases of board on board modeling making these the perfect introductory kits if you have never built a SWSM structure. We have developed techniques that move the construction process along.
Our comprehensive spiral bound construction manual
Quality stripwood
Laser Cut Windows and Shingles
Tarpaper, Cables, Signing, etc...




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